Calslock Portable Door Lock
Patented, ""Quality made USA since 1983, Redesigned 2011- 14
 Calslock Portable Door Lock shown hammered antique brass
Additional Security plus peace of mind
Unique Hammered Brass or Black finish,
applied to "Hot rolled steel.
Size is 5Lx1W".

Open door - Insert hook on notched bar into door strike plate.
Close door, Squeeze, & slide lock snug against door
 Portable Door Lock inserted in strike plate
Easy on - Easy off
Simple, yet effective

To order Calslock without key locking device - $19.95

Available from Amazon - Ebay - Sears - Etsy or call Calslock M - F
Manufacturing our own patented products since 1983
©:1983-2016 C.E. Sanders - CA - FL - Hawaii

Ever been walked in on at Home, Bedroom, Hotel, Motel, Apt, Dorm, Travel, Barracks, etc.?
 Travel with Calslock Portable Door Lock with Key Locking Device in use
Hula logo 1985
 Travel with Calslock Portable Door Lock Travel with Calslock
Portable Door Lock

Cerradura Para Puerta, Portatil

 Calslock in display pkg  Calslock with Key Locking Device

Optional - Key locking device.
Works on doors that open in or out. Just slide it on notched bar.
Packaged standup clam shell

Calslock with Key Locking Device $29.95

with Key Locking Device

Patented under the following numbers:
5,676,243 - 4,976,124
4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending