Calslock & Thumbsquare Mfg.

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Calslock™ Portable Door Lock
 Calslock portable Door Lock in use
Instructions: Open door - Insert hook on notched bar into door strike plate.
Close door, Squeeze, & slide lock snug against door
 Calslock solid brass

For added security
or doors opening out
Slide on Key Locking Device
(includes 2 keys)
Calslock with keylocking device

Company Information
Calslock & Thumbsquare™ Began from my shop
in Hawaii, 1982-85 - Redesigned 2011- 14 - 18
Locksmith and manufacturer of
Calslock Portable Door Lock,
Locksmith Tools, Keyholders
Thumbsquare Money Clips,
Desk Organizers, and high profile engravable gifts

 Calslock with Key Locking Device  Calslock in display pkg
Packaged yellow clam shell

Select Calslock with or without Key Locking Device

When quality makes the difference. Handcrafted in USA from .925 Sterling Silver
Unique patented feature allows clip to hold 25 bills.Always maintains its gripping strength. Pocket comfort guaranteed.
Jewelry quality. Comes in Gold or Black Foil box. Limited Lifetime Guarantee
Sold Worldwide since 1985. Patented. Size is 2.5Lx1Wx.1285D". Weighs 26 grams
Thumbsquare gets it's name from the way the clip is used. Insert thumb through square  Thumbsquare logoand press
on oval to clip.

Sterling Silver Money Clip
Thumbsquare Sterling Silver Money  Clip Gold foil jewelry box for Thumbsquare Clip

Available at: Amazon - Ebay - Etsy - Corporate Travel Safety - Calslock Online - Sears
Patented under the following numbers: 5,676,243
4,976,124- 4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending
©1985-2019 C.E. Sanders
Calslock™ mfg.


California - Florida - Hawaii