Handcrafted Originals, Calskeyholder began
from my shop in Mims, Florida in 2014.

Solid Brass Calskeyholder in use

Shown Solid Brass

Patented under the following numbers: 5,676,243
4,976,124- 4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending
©1985-2018 C.E. Sanders
Calslock™ mfg.
Hawaiian hula Hawaiian hula

Florida, California, Hawaii

Patented Gripping.
Pocket comfort Guaranteed.

Calskeyholder size is 1 3/4Lx1 3/4Wx.1285D"
Packaged in Gold Foil Jewelry Box.
Calskeyholder weighs
6 - 8 Grams
Calskeyholder Sterling Silver
.925 Sterling Silver

Calskeyholder Sterling Silver Buy Now! - $49.00
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