Calslock™ Money Safe
In the floor Lid - Opening Tool
Calslock Safe Lid Tool

Size is 7.25"Lx3.5"wx.1285"D".
Patented, made USA
Solid spring brass wire
Flexes where you need it

©1985-2018 C.E. Sanders

Patented under the following numbers:
5,676,243 - 4,976,124
4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending


Calslock™ mfg.

Mims, FL - Keaau, Hawaii

Safe lid opening tool in money slot
For use on safe lids with money slots. The most common
cause of lockouts is when the screws work loose on the bottom flange of the safe lid. Example: The safe dial will not proceed past "0", resulting in the inabality to open the safe. 1.)While holding the handle insert tool into drop slot about 3 inches.
2.)Rotate tool 90 degrees more or less.
3.)Pull up on tool until you feel it snug against safe lid.
4.)Use one hand to finish dialing the last number when safe dial stopped.
5.)Proceed to lift up the tool with the other hand. Tool will hold the weight of the safe lid long enough to dial number and lift out of safe.
Invented and manufactured by a locksmith of 30 years.

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