Thumbsquares 14K Gold Money Clip Thumbsquares®
Handcrafted Originals "Thumbsquares" began from my shop in Keaau, Hawaii and sold worldwide since 1985.
Wire stand is solid brass, Overlayed 24k Gold.
Mounted on Genuine Dark Walnut. Size is 4Lx6Wx1H".

Patented under the following numbers: 5,676,243
4,976,124- 4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending
©1985-2018 C.E. Sanders
Calslock™ Mfg.
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Mims, FL - Keaau, Hawaii Hula Hawaii sold worldwide since 1985

5 sections to Organize your Desk:

1) File section for mail or notepad
2) Large clip holds messages and paperwork
3) Pen holder
4) Hook holds Thumbsquare paper clips
5) Small Thumbsquare clip holds business cards etc.

Includes 2 - 24K Gold Plated Thumbsquare Paper Clips
1 - Red Mahogany wood Pen
1 - Yellow Note Pad
Thumbsquare 14K Gold Money Clip on solid oak jewelry box

Thumbsquare 24k Gold Plated clip in use Thumbsquare 24k Gold Plated Clip in use

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