Thumbsquare 24K Gold Plated Paper Clip Thumbsquare 24K Gold PaperClip

High profile use. Patented gripping.
Handcrafted spring tempered steel - 24K Gold plated
Size is 1.75Lx1wx.050D".
Packaged 6 clips in Gold Foil Jewelry box
Handcrafted Originals "Thumbsquare" began from my shop in Keaau, Hawaii in 1985.

Patented under the following numbers: 5,676,243
4,976,124- 4,658,479- 4,612,685- D302,280.
with others pending
©1985-2018 C.E. Sanders
Calslock™ mfg.
Hula Hawaii Thumbsquare Logo

Mims, FL - Keaau, Hawaii - Corcoran, CA - Sold Worldwide since 1985

Thumbsquare gets it's name from the way the clip is used.
Insert thumb in square and press on oval to clip.Thumbsquare Logo

Thumbsquare 24k Gold Plated clip in use Thumbsquare 24k Gold Plated Clip in use

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Thumbsquare 24k Gold Plated Clip in gold foil jewelry box 6 Thumbsquare clips
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